Our Software Solutions

We offer web based software solution for following Management Systems

QMS (ISO 9001)

We offer a completely paperless, analytical software tool to implement and maintain QMS-ISO 9001 Compliances read more

EMS (ISO 14001)

Cloud ISO Portal is equipped with many tools to track & implement Environment & Waste Management Compliances effectively read more

Safety & Health

We offer an easy & analytical tool for OHSAS-18001/ISO-45001 to not just track but also eliminate the chances of accidents in the in workplace read more

Where we can help you?

Paperless ISO implementation & maintenance

For ISO implementation or maintenance you do not need to record of all the compliances offline on the paper

Ready for ISO Audit

You do not need to put any effort for the ISO audit preparation. On Cloud ISO Portal you can download all the required record in just one click

Task Management System

With the help of advanced task management system you can track each and every task with ease and complete them on the designated time span

Cost Effective Compliance Management

By using Cloud ISO Portal you can eliminate putting your valuable resources to fullfil compliance for ISO implementation or maintenance

Data Accuracy & Accessibility

By using Cloud ISO Portal you can assure that the data you are getting is 100% accurate with exceptional & secure access capability

Significant Reduction in ISO Implementation time

By using Cloud ISO Portal you can reduce your ISO implementation time by 65% to 80% of manual implementation

Ultimately What You Get?


Reduction in ISO Implementation Cost


Reduction in ISO Maintenance Cost


Time required to prepare reports


Data Error


Reduction in time to implement ISO Standards

Modules We Equipped With

Human Resources

HR Module streamlines the management of Human Resource or Human Capital read more


Scope Module defines how far the management system extends within the company’s operations read more


Intention and direction of an origination as formally expressed by the top management read more


Determine the processes needed for the Management System and their application throughout the read more

Document Management

Maintain the documents related to management system and their amendment & revision number read more


Details of calibration or verification of measuring instruments read more

Tools & Tackles

Details of testing of tools and tackles as per factory acts/ rules read more

Key Performance Indicator

Setting of Key performance indicator, monitoring of KPIs and their management program read more

Context of Organisation

To determine the external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction read more


Details of customers’ requirements and their satisfaction level is being captured and holding read more


To determine and maintenance of the resources to maintain the necessary for the operation of its processes read more

Internal Audit

Planning of Internal Audit and compliance, maintain the record of internal audit and their result read more

Management Review

Planning of management review, notification and maintain the record of Management Review read more

Management of Change

Control of changes for production or service to the extent necessary to ensure continuing conformity read more


Determining and analysing the personnel competency and train them effectively read more


Identify, implement, maintain the legal requirements and review the compliances read more

Corrective Action

Identify, maintain and react to the nonconformity, to determine the Root cause, Implantation read more

Business Risk

Identifying, analyzing, evaluating, treating, monitoring, reviewing and communicating risks read more


Details of vendor enlistment process, PO generation, evaluation of vendors read more


Generation of Purchase requisition, Material requisition, Goods received notes, maintaining stock read more


Maintain the documented information related to design and development read more


Record the information related to validation where the resulting output cannot be verified read more


To identify the hazard, risk and their control mechanism for the activities carried out in the Organisation read more


Identify the Potential emergency situations, Plan to conduct the mock drill, Maintain the report of drill read more

Occupational Health

To manage the health related employee data and plan check ups on the basis of their work type read more


Identify the environmental aspects of its activities, impact on environment and their control mechanism read more


nvestigation Report,Tool Box Meeting, Safety Meeting, PPE’s Audit & generates Safety Score Card read more

Environmental Monitoring

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology and power read more

Waste Management

Solid waste, Liquid Waste, Gaseous Waste, Hazardous Waste, Bio Medical Waste, Battery Waste, E-Waste read more

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